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RUNOFFBROKE teams up with Daly on new single "Lee's Recipe"

RUNOFFBROKE is back and he has Dublin-based rapper Daly in tow on this latest single "Lee's Recipe." 

After an extremely hectic 2020, RUNOFFBROKE returns to further prove he is one of the most diverse artists emerging from the Irish hip-hop scene. After delving into several different sounds during his latest run of singles like "Wish You Knew" and "ATILLA THE HUN", RUNOFFBROKE continues his illustrious partnership with producer extraordinaire Ninety7Hertz on this latest single. The track sees one of Dublin's fastest rising stars Daly join the duo for a flex of mythical proportions. 

"Lee's Recipe" is a rollercoaster ride of expert songwriting and maniacal delivery. RUNOFFBROKE has always worn his influences on his sleeve and not much has changed in that regard. The excellent trap production that kicks off this record is the perfect ground for RUNOFFBROKE to lay claim with his precision-based flows and wordplay. The hook presented in this portion of the song is the true highlight of the record with a clear nod to Three Six Mafia. A brilliant production suddenly switches the beat and we are transported to a new world. This is a way more energetic, chaotic, and fast-paced style than what we're introduced to. One in which, RUNOFFBROKE and Daly trade vicious verses and potent wordplay. This leads to an extremely memorable sprint to the finish. 

Overall, RUNOFFBROKE is a true testament to any artist exploring and pushing the boundaries of their own creativity. RUNOFFBROKE is one of the few artists where if you click play, you can never predict what sound you will get next. That excitement keeps us coming back and no doubt will leave you clamoring for more. 

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