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Amber Jay shares the groove-laden single "Stay The Same"

Ahead of her EP release, Liverpool bedroom-pop artist Amber Jay shares her new single "Stay The Same". Although a tale of heartbreak, the single promises to have you on your feet in no time with its fuzzy melodic hooks. 

Layered with Amber's sweet vocals and a brooding aura, "Stay The Same" is a groove-laden single that captures the essence of Amber's infectious songwriting talents. Showcasing her experimental production skills, the single is a sonic uplift of emotion despire its mellow undertones. "It encapsulates that pining feeling for someone when a relationship has ended and whatever you try to do to fix it just makes the other person more and more distant," explains Amber. "Kind of like when you're swimming and there's like a lilo in the water and every time you try and wade towards i to get on, the water's ripples from your movement pushes it further and further away."

With a number of bedroom-pop artists breaking out into the mainstream, Amber Jay's artistry shows no bounds. Offering a dark pop sensibility of the bedroom pop genre, Amber's sounds provide a refreshing outlook on the typical minimalistic sounds. "Stay The Same" is an enchanting spell woven with broody guitar lines and sweet vocals, a tune that's about to bounce around in your brain for days.

Amber Jay's Never Too Far From A Dark Thought EP is out March 3rd.

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