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Skyler Cocco & amour take us along for “The Drive” [Video]

New York musician Skyler Cocco enlisted synth pop band amour for a remix of her song “The Drive”. They have shared a vibrant accompanying visual for the remix.

Skyler Cocco’s dreamy synth pop gem “The Drive” has been given a more upbeat, house-influenced rendition by amour. The remix features a faster instrumental with the deeper bass. The bass is pushed to the forefront, combining with bouncy kick drums to create an instrumental reminiscent of house music. However, the song does not lose its original synth pop stylings, as it still contains sparkling synths. Cocco’s vocals drift overtop the instrumental, sounding smooth and ethereal.

The remix is accompanied by a vibrant music video. The visual is charmingly retro in style, featuring warm, muted coloration. Cocco gives a confident, captivating performance. The video takes place on a warm, balmy night, capturing the mood of “The Drive” effectively.

Overall, this remix of “The Drive” is a vivid and engaging. The song is bouncy and energetic, and the accompanying visual is vibrant and warm. “The Drive (amour remix)” is a perfect soundtrack for a picturesque evening drive in the city.

Connect with Skyler Cocco: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter
Connect with amour: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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