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Daddy's Beemer returns with a nostalgic new single entitled "Knife"

Beloved indie rock trio Daddy's Beemer, comprised of frontman and guitarist Brady Sklar, bassist Wesley Heaton, and drummer, violinist, and pianist Dan Fetterolf, have been making a name for themselves after joining forces in 2016. They thereafter sparked a whole DIY music scene in Clemson, South Carolina out of their college basement called "The Pablo Generation" and fostering a number of other local bands such as Tom Angst, Wallpaper, Prozac Dreams, and Apricot Blush.

The three self-proclaimed slack rockers then decided to relocate to Charleston in order to record their long awaited debut album Denmark to wide acclaim late last year following a string of celebrated singles and EP. The trio's latest offering is the first official follow-up to the LP and release of 2021, a new piano-led single entitled "Knife" that is very reminiscent to early aughts 2000's indie and alternative acts such as The Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, and The Strokes with their catchy guitar riffs, arrangements, and highly relatable introspective songwriting. 

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