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The Slice, Episode 75 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

This week's episode of The Slice opens up with Yury's punchy and offbeat single "Equated ." The rapper delivers a sparse performance laced with experimental sounds and a glimpse into his thoughts, anxieties, and fears. Vice Beats calls up Ellie Harris, rapper Kinkai, saxophonist Thalassic and Mecca:38 for a soothing collaboration titled "Lost Time." The track is a smooth blend of soul, jazz, and lo-fi sensibilities which takes the listener on an aural journey soaked in peace and feel-good vibes.

On the flip side, "Bad Vibes" sees emcee J Nolan redirecting his energy towards only positive things. Bolstered by an upbeat backdrop, Nolan details how fake friends and people with negative thoughts can affect one's progress. Funk band Freedust team up with rapper Mabreezee on this feel-good jam "I Got Your Back." From the chunky guitar chord, pulsating basslines, chromatic honky-tonk piano, to Mabreezee's smooth performance the track gives us the old and new in their own unique way. This is followed by Fih's retro-tinged soulful track "Recipe." The laidback jazzy piano-led track sees her detail her journey for inner happiness. UK singer Kristie Killick walks us through "Green Street" a reflective track where she shares both her highs and lows in a relationship. Liverpool artist TEE fuses R&B /neo-soul and hip-hop on "Crown of Thorns"—a track that tells a tale of finding love in the strangest place and all the obstacles preventing it from blossoming.

Next up is"Locked & Loaded " a relentless onslaught of hard-hitting bars by emcee Britizen Kane and producer Turkish Dcypha. The rousing track sees the duo linking with Detroit legend Royce Da 5'9" and the result is a display of pure lyricism that all rap lovers would love. We switch things up a bit with "Whose Side?" an energetic soul and dance track from singer Soleil. It's a heartwarming upbeat song that tackles indecision in a relationship which is quite apt for the month of February. I'm not sure love is what 60 East is thinking of as he drops "Mind On My Money." Over a bouncy boom-bap track by ProtejOnTheBeat, the rapper lets it known that he is out to secure the proverbial bag by any means.

"Video Games" by AJ Mamba is a somber, reflective tune that details the life of a minority. Using video game references, he looks at how different gameplay levels are set for people of color and the numerous obstacles and mini-bosses they have to face to complete this mission called life. "Gravy" by Devy Quills and Sonny Miles aims to uplift the soul with its groove/funk-inspired melody and insightful feel-good lyrics. Emerging rapper nicoroc pours his emotions while exposing people with bad intentions towards him over a cinematic and edgy production on "Malice." Spliff Hemingway, Jazz Spastiks , Agallah, and Brian James team up on "God In My Heart (Jazz Spastiks Remix)—a smooth dusty jazz track perfect to warm you up to while you sit by the window during this winter.  NEWĀRK remains us that cuffing season is still valid on "Cold Enough" a funfilled, carefree track that spins a tale of physical attraction with no strings attached.

LA emcee Trizz and producer Money Montage close out this week's list with "Amends"—a chilled, moody track that displays Trizz's go-getter attitude and his disdain for fake friends who tried to take advantage of him once. "Amends" is taken from their new album Upfront Money.

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For a full tracklist of this week's featured artists:

Yury - "Equated "(prod. Yury)
Vice Beats x Ellie Harris x Kinkai x Thalassic (Mecca:38 Remix) - "Lost Time"
J Nolan - "Bad Vibes"
Freedust - "I Got Your Back" (feat. Mabreezee)
Fih - "Recipe"
Kristie Killick - "Green Street"
TEE - "Crown of Thorns"
Britizen Kane x Turkish Dcypha - "Locked & Loaded "(Feat. Royce Da 5'9")
Soleil - "Whose Side?"
60 East - "Mind On My Money"
AJ Mamba - "Video Games"
Devy Quills x Sonny Miles - "Gravy"
nicoroc - "Malice"
Spliff Hemingway x Jazz Spastiks x Agallah x Brian James - God In My Heart - "Jazz Spastiks Remix"
NEWĀRK - "Cold Enough"
Trizz x Money Montage - "Amends"

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