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DK shares heartfelt new visual for “Reality” [Video]

Western Massachusetts singer and producer DK has shared a heartfelt new visual for his song “Reality.”

DK grew up in a musical family and inspired by his father, also a singer, started playing music at an early 10 years of age. He broke onto the music scene after releasing his album Anomaly online in 2020. Anomaly featured standout single "Chasing for Stars"- an energetic, quirky track. While his style was more upbeat and electronic on Anomaly, he comes through with something more stripped back and organic on his new single "Reality". Overall, his sound has evolved to become more personal and intimate.

“Reality” is a heartfelt, melancholic track. DK and uv produced the instrumental, which features bittersweet guitars riding over top of slick percussion. Vigorous 808s drop in alongside bouncy drums but despite the energetic feeling of the instrumental, DK’s vocals are reflective and wistful. His melodies are powerful and the subject matter is personal and touching. The song finds DK reflecting over his trials and tribulations, and analyzing how he came to the place he is now in.

The visual for “Reality”, shot by Shot It By Johnny, is intense and personal. It features DK in the confines of his own home, narrating the story of his trials and tribulations growing up. It also pictures him in his home town, where many of the situations he sings about in “Reality” occurred. The video gives context to his stories and enhances the reflective mood of the song.

Overall, “Reality” is a heartfelt, introspective release from DK. This song and visual are engaging and emotive. A noteworthy start for this young artist and fans can definitely look forward to DK’s next offering later this year.

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