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BAD CHILD celebrates those who paved the way for him on "$1,000,000"

Self-taught singer and multi-instrumentalist BAD CHILD is a genre-bending rebel with one mission: to spread the hope he struggled to find in his darkest moments. On “$1,000,000”, BAD CHILD pays homage to the family, friends, and fans who helped him keep his head above water as he overcame grief and found new purpose as a musician.

Over a skittering electro-pop beat, BAD CHILD saunters through its distorted waves, swooping from slurred, rough-hewn wanderings to fierce roars. A snappy pulse launches BAD CHILD onto Cloud 9. “I wanted $1,000,000 to sound and feel like a corner store lottery,” he shares over email. “When I was a child, I would go with my grandmother and pick up scratch tickets and she would always say we would win big. The song is about love conquering everything - everything pales in comparison.”

The music video for “$1,000,000” is a kaleidoscopic compilation of footage and photos that span the last three years of BAD CHILD’s musical career. Filled with familiar faces, the music video honours the people who’ve supported BAD CHILD’s artistry through thick and thin and reiterates the narrative that true prosperity is found in the treasure of having loved ones near.

The single serves as the energetic lead-up to his debut album, Free Trial, dropping February 26.

Connect with BAD CHILD: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify


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5 months ago

He is so *** talented go stream Bad Child

5 months ago

He is so **** talented go stream Bad Child