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Indie pop newcomer Franki poses his new single "are u gonna"

With much of the world still temporarily on hold, we're turning to music as a form of escape now more than ever before. Almost as if it were in response to the sensation, Dublin-based indie-pop newcomer Franki's latest single, the transformative "are u gonna," sonically reminisces brighter and more normative days, and joins a humbly small yet laser-focused back catalogue.

As soon as the opening beat hits, a clear 1975-meets-LANY influence pulls you in, but once it relaxes into the verse, his distinction firmly takes hold of both the track and your attention. Tastefully processed and silkily harmonised, his almost nonchalant vocal delivery effortlessly glides across the palpable groove, which is provided by understated guitar licks and steadfast rhythms.

Scratch the surface of the innately positive vibe and you'll find the lyrical contradiction, of which Franki outlines in an email statement, sharing that, "​'are u gonna' is about the contrasting emotions of love and insecurity. The fear of losing what you have because it's becoming so important to you.” Progressing further through theses thought-provoking verses, textures envelop the now heady groove and widen it out into a mesmeric soundscape that smoothly ushers in an understated, yet perfectly poised chorus.

With just three songs to his name, Franki performs at a calibre well beyond that of his status as a newcomer and with such consistent quality as this, is well worth keeping an eye on.

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