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Julietta's new EP is making us 'Levitate'

Julietta is one of pop's quickly rising stars this year. Her new EP Levitate is filled with sultry, addictive songs that bring you into her world and make you never want to leave.

This project is an in-depth look at Julietta's journey to healing. She says in a recent press release, "It's about letting go and looking in. It's about leaving the girl that was hiding behind her fight." This EP breathes that healing energy from start to finish.

With the title track "Levitate," she sets the scene, pulsating melodies, her voice shifts into an ethereal chorus that make you feel like you're absolutely floating. The raw guitar strumming that opens "Dopamine" blends into an 80's tinged beat. This song really takes you all over the place but feels like a rush. It's cosmic and freeing. The way she repeats "dopamine," but it feels different every time she breaks it apart keeps it interesting.

In "Ghosted For The Beach," her delicate voice is at its most haunting lilting over a steady, pulsating beat before breaking into a trancey and hypnotic chorus. It feels like she's pulling you into her world. Julietta is creating a magic spell with this song, and you can't help but fall under it. "Gotta Get Up" immediately hooks you with a hooking beat that gives off cool-girl energy with every second. It has a hint of danger, the base of this song is about getting up and staying focused. It's the anthem we all need right now—a reminder to get back up when we feel like we can't.

The word "dreamy" comes to mind often in this EP, and "Fall Apart" is probably the standout when it comes to heavenly sounds. This is soft-focus melodic electronic. The closer of the project, "Not Today," completes this EP in such a perfect way. The healing journey complete. Julietta sends it off with a bang. The bouncy melodies with the layered shouting in the chorus give off big "not today, Satan" vibes.

Overall, Julietta has completed the perfect layered pop EP. It's whimsical, powerful, and sticks with you. Julietta has a confident, blossoming sound, and her voice ties it all together. Most importantly, it just makes you feel good, happy, and hopeful. Like you can take on another day even if you feel like you're at your worst.

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