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Jackson Whalan spins his rap fable "From the Woods"

Artist/producer Jackson Whalan goes back to basics on his new single "From the Woods," a track that shares the title of his new LP. The Berkshire County, Massachussetts-based act breaks down what it feels like being from a rural area on the country music infused single. The title stems from him moving back to Berkshire after living in northern California and sees him hitting a hard reset on all things music and then some. 

Whalan stays true to himself in the song and presents an honest and vivid picture of his life back home. Nothing is out of the ordinary, he is making music, hanging out with family and friends, and basking in the fresh outdoors. The usage of crunchy guitars and driving drums also adds to the image of the song and listeners are easily immersed into the story.  The new album comes after eight years of releasing music independently, collaborating, and touring as a solo artist and it's a reflection of him being at home away from the madness of the big city.

Get "From the Woods" on all DSPs here

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7 months ago

Thanks for featuring “From the Woods”. Keep up the great work.