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Moontype wonder "About You" in latest single

The three members of Chicago's Moontype came together while studying at Oberlin College’s prestigious music program and quickly solidified themselves as a band to watch with the release of knockout single "Ferry" in late 2020. Keeping the momentum on their heartland rock meets shoegaze sound rolling, the trio have released another dreamy track "About You" lifted from their forthcoming album Bodies of Water for local label Born Yesterday.

"About You" kicks off with punchy drums and playful lyrics. Driving bass and guitars keep the track moving forward at a toe tapping tempo that will turn any living room into a makeshift dance floor. "About You" is a snappy track that come at about two minutes, and it's scientifically impossible not to put it on repeat while waiting anxiously for the trio to drop their full project called Bodies of Water on label Born Yesterday.

As a bonus, the track has a wonderfully quirky animated video in which endearing blobby guys sing the track and bounce around in a brightly colored universe that captures the essence of Moontype's heartfelt indie rock. Be sure to keep up with Moontype and their debut album Bodies of Water on label Born Yesterday.

Connect with Moontype: Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp



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