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Elijah Wolf previews new album with 'Brighter Lighting' [Video]

Brooklyn-based balladeer, Elijah Wolf's indie folk stylings fit him somewhere in between city slicker and mountain man. His songs are soft-spoken and tender, with rural tones coming from the heart. “Brighter Lighting” is a single off his forthcoming album of the same name, out February 26 via Trash Casual Records. The track features Nels Cline (Wilco, guitar) and Josh Jaegar (Angel Olsen/Fleet Foxes, drums). Wolf’s music is a tribute to his home, the Catskills Mountains of New York.


"Throughout my life, the geography and botanical offerings have provided great comfort for me.

It is here that I gained my great wonder and curiosity for the world,

as well as the place I continuously return to when things get dark and uncertain.

Brighter Lighting is about understanding the past, so that one may look forward with wide eyes."

- Elijah Wolf

The music video is a drive through his hometown, Phoenicia, NY, and a trip up into the Catskills; directed, edited, and shot on Super 8 film by Dylan Kaplowitz. It captures a solo journey through a beautiful landscape, set to a beautiful tune. “Brighter Lighting” is soft, happy, and homey. The track is the fourth single from the upcoming album produced by acclaimed producer Sam Cohen. The joyous piano rings throughout the whole song, intertwined with a distorted Country guitar, and Wolf’s forlorn voice harmoniously floating on top.

Brighter Lighting is out February 26, 2021 on Trash Casual Records.

Connect with Elijah Wolf: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify    

Americana · Folk · Indie


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