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Jimi Somewhere carries the weight of “The World” in new single

Since Jimi Somewhere's last single, the alt-pop artist has been getting ready for the release of his second album Nothing Gold Can Stay on February 5th. Today, however, Jimi releases the final single “The World” from the LP along with an accompanying music video.

Starting off with soft, chimey piano keys, the beat picks up with a booming bass and the vocals coming in mid-sentence, almost like there’s been an interruption. Jimi continues with layered and autotuned vocals. As always, he creates an electrifying, passionate production filled with synths and echoes. However, rather than sounding repetitive, he’s able to play around with these qualities in different ways, making it his signature. 

Just like his other tracks that tackle existential themes, “The World" describes the complications of long distance relationships. Though Jimi may be shaking up the music scene and racking up success, he’s not afraid to reveal some of the obstacles that come with being an artist. In this track, Jimi said specifically, “A big issue in a lot of the relationships I’ve been in is that my work takes up so much time and have me traveling a lot. So this song is me describing a series of events leading up to me leaving home and wondering if this relationship I had was gonna work out even with me living on the other side of the planet.”

Conversely, the music video, directed by Jimi himself, captures lightheartedness with him running around carefree in a field all in just one continuous shot.

Listen to his new LP Nothing Gold Can Stay, out February 5th via Next Wave/Ultra Records.

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