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Vala touches on a delicate issue on “Follow Me” (Video)

Emerging NYC-based singer/rapper Vala shares the video for the one-off heartfelt single “Follow Me,” which dives into the topic of depression and mental health. The song was birthed after she discovered that a close friend was willing to take his own life due to his own personal issues. Turning inward, she reflected on her own life when things became unbearable, but more importantly, what she did to cope with the internal pain by turning to music and using it as a special form of therapy. 

"Follow Me" takes the listener deep into the crux of the matter and gives an insightful view of how we all should pay attention to the signs and not overlook any. The track is as somber as they come from the solemn keys and violins to Vala's emotional vocals. Lines like "Trust, I understand/I breathe the same air before, the air of a tortured soul" attempt to soothe with a collective affirmation; a comfort of knowing that you are not alone. 

The visuals, courtesy of New City Edits and Vala Music, have a distinct DIY look and feel which gives it an organic and homely aesthetic. Scenes of lost spots, where she reminiscences on lost souls soon give way to group video calls, serving as a reminder that you are never truly alone. With suicide rates skyrocketing since the onset of COVID-19, the crisis is only continuing to climb as we traverse through the holidays, and it’s important we have an open conversation about the subject and not be ashamed. 

Get “Follow Me” on all digital platforms here.

Connect with  Vala : Website| Facebook | Spotify| Instagram

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