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Vincent de Boer reflects back on the past Covid-19 year with 'Famous' EP

Vincent de Boer is a 20-year old hip-hop producer from Groningen, the Netherlands. Yes, Dutch hip-hop is a thing and has been around for many years. De Boer tapped into hip-hop's long time international appeal with its roots in poverty and the trials and tribulations of society, government, and overall life, while also celebrating it, when he began producing his latest EP Famous during the bleak times of a Covid-19 shutdown. De Boer felt producing music was a great way to escape the troubles of the pandemic. And he is right, what better way to escape the walls of a lockdown than with a dream of superstardom? He masterfully blends various hip-hop beats to create a 5-track EP that evokes a feeling of hope in sad times. 

Famous is Vincent de Boer’s first EP, however, he does not come off as a novice producer.  He ingeniously creates songs that correlate to the current times of the pandemic. Various hip-hop elements are fuses together to create variations that move seamlessly along in a simple yet intricate way. Tracks like ''Stars'' is a jovial song with the piano being the prominent sound but each note is arranged intentionally to reflect a wide range of human emotion reaching.

Vincent de Boer is inspired by some of today’s famous hip-hop producers such as Metro Booming, Pelgrim & Ginseng.  Nevertheless, de Boer places his signature touch.  Each song from this latest project has its own individuality but there remains a core common theme throughout.  Tracks like ''Feelings,'' ''Sky,'' and ''Stars'' offer hope in dark times. The intricate piano and drum work found throughout are masterfully crafted to provide a rollercoaster of emotions that Vincent felt, locked up in his room this year.

Famous is a beautiful distraction in this lonely time and we are eager for what's in store in the new year from the young producer.    

Connect with Vincent de Boer: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify



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