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Late Nite Laundry live their "Fantasy" in latest single

Chicago-based band Late Nite Laundry are back with a new single "Fantasy". After a tumultuous year of cancelled tours and parting ways with their singer, Late Nite Laundry sound ready to take on the indie DIY world with this new release. 

"Fantasy" kicks off with jazzy drum flourishes and a juicy piano line that leads into guitar riffs and a laid back, woozy vocal. Late Nite Laundry bring a sense of ease and wonder to their performance, and create an inviting jazz meets pop vibe reminiscent of Crumb and Toronto's Jaunt. "Fantasy" evokes the nostalgia of a late night/early morning adventure, where real life and dreams converge. 

Fuelled by the friendships and community ties that have brought their music from Brooklyn to Nashville, Late Nite Laundry's passion and skill is undeniable. Stay tuned for more Late Nite Laundry singles in the new year.

Connect with Late Nite Laundry:  Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram | Facebook



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