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Charli finds her most authentic form of expression in EP 'PRE-EP'

Singer-songwriter Charli has always been a strong creative force, teaming up with musical talents such as Feard and The Ware. As much as she thrived through her many collaborations, she was still in search of her true voice. In her latest EP PRE-EP it seems she has definitely found it. The EP exhibits Charli’s evolution as an indie-pop talent and the three vibrant tracks showcase the various sides of her personality.

The EP commences with “Never Again—a mesmerizing, mid-tempo track that highlights her assertive vocals and skates them atop gently clicking soundscapes. The energetic electro offering narrates hooking up with an ex-partner and having all the old feelings resurface. 

Picking up the pace with “Superficial”, this cinematic release radiates with rich retro arrangements of luminous synths and Charli’s fiery, passionate tone. The dance- worthy anthem explores the inner battle between not letting other’s opinions define you and succumbing to the shallowness of today’s society.

Finishing with the eccentric single “Sortilège” sung entirely in French, the atmospheric tune takes listeners on an intoxicating journey. An empowering tale of self-love and perseverance, this track encourages listeners to go after their dreams no matter how much time it takes.

The fervent French artist left France to pursue her musical ambitions. Known for her warm, inviting vocals paired with captivating instrumentation, she has become a shimmering indie-pop sensation. Charli openly expresses feeling through her intimate lyrics, holding nothing back.

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