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Katy Kirby maneuvers 'Traffic!' in sweet new single [Video]

If you're looking for a track to get your toes tapping and head bobbing, look no further than Katy Kirby's infectious new single 'Traffic!'. The Texas-based songwriter is swinging for the fences this year with the previous release of the much-beloved single 'Tap Twice' and a new album Cool Dry Place forthcoming February 19th on Keeled Scales.

'Traffic!' is filled to the top with buoyant guitar riffs and sweet melodies that weave together in understated indie bliss. A clever use of auto-tune makes the vocal shine and gives the track a distinct flavor that is utterly irresistible.

The track embraces twee and playful motifs as Kirby explores themes of privilege. As Kirby says: "I'd gotten involved with someone objectively cooler and hotter than me, but was getting annoyed with how wrapped up he was in his own basic angst and mild life setbacks. Especially when it seemed so obvious that he'd been spared from much of human suffering's broad spectrum. The song turned into something like a meditation on what counts as an actual injury, like a rant about the material vs. immaterial damage." 

The video is visually stunning and darkly comic episode where Kirby sustains and survives a string of unlikely injuries. It's lighthearted and unexpected, and includes an impossibly long tumble down a hillside and an exploding bouquet. 

Be sure to check out Kirby's Album Cool Dry Place forthcoming on Keeled Scales February 19th.

Connect with Katy Kirby: Instagram | Spotify | Facebook | Bandcamp

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