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300lbs of Guwop and Stunna4Vegas get disrespectful on "IDFW" [Video]

300lbs of Guwop and Stunna4Vegas are the barrel, gasoline, and match that lights up their new collab track "IDFW." Central Florida's most animated duo are back with their first song after officially signing with Ultra. Their knack for over-the-top bars with a dose of new Southern swagger is what has helped them produce a slew of hits the last few years. So their latest high-energetic single cranking so hard with Carolina newcomer Stunna4Vegas shouldn't be a surprise. 

FreshDuzIt's lo-fi piano keys quickly prove to be a good match with DK Guwop's ill-mannered hook towards his opposition. 

Stunna4Vegas comes in right after as he dazzles the beat with his signature cadence and wacky lyrics. 300 Rez is next to perfect with an effortless vocal delivery as he closes out the track with a funny verse of his own. For the beat to be so full of energy, Rez is unphased and remains in full control as his rhymes move with a syrupy flow.

The music video features the three rappers in a day-in-the-life working at a burger joint. The Astroknot-directed production perfectly captures 300lbs of Guwop's naturally animated personalities. As 300 Rez and DK Guwop gear up for their first EP since 2018's Sexual Education, their latest single is a positive sign for what is yet to come.

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