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Unlike Pluto unleashes some satisfying drum and bass influences in electronic rock "Life In A Hole"

After going on hiatus for a few months, Armond aka Unlike Pluto, finally inducts 2020 with "Life In A Hole". Known for releasing music weekly, the return is welcome, and the musician delves deep into an introspective exploration of sound and narrative. The result traverses across genres with fluidity and ease.

There's a clear vision of authenticity in his mind, and it shows. It's an upbeat melodic song with Drum and Bass influence about what it feels like to climb out of rock bottom. Captivating from the very first strums, "Life In A Hole" is perhaps a message to oneself, a ballad that teeters between idyllic and pleading as Armond navigates a medley of sonic influences and emotions. Vocals mesmerizing and gritty, bassline fluid in its gripping delivery, "Life In A Hole" captures us in its honest lyricism and melodies, stringing us along to a neat whirlwind of drum and bass influenced percussions—illuminating the artist's truth.

Hailing from Atlanta and now based in Los Angeles, Unlike Pluto is an emerging force in electronic rock, a space he's carved out for himself, further characterized by his unique songwriting and distinctive voice. The name Unlike Pluto developed from holding onto his outcast persona as he often found himself sticking out in crowds. Over the years, Armond has evolved from an electronic music producer who worked behind-the-scenes and frequently collaborated with vocalists, to an artist who is front-and-centre, singing and performing his own songs. Inspired by a range of genres, Unlike Pluto has incorporated these in his releases, building a fan-base thrilled by this diversity.

Buy/stream "Life In A Hole" here.


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Drum and Bass · Electronic


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[…] There's a clear vision of authenticity in his mind, and it Continue reading at source website […]