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Lav releases beautiful "from me, the moon" on Color Study [Video]

Lav has found a fan in Billie Eilish, and with songs like "from me, the moon" we can totally understand why.

A great music video can really take a song to another level. The incredible, artful video directed by Marielle Boland sets Lav's music to blurry real-life magic, spoken poetry, and beautiful diverse love. However, even by the medium of sound itself, the song is divine. Wonderfully unique; intimate ukulele meets Lav's lilting vocals, which linger just long enough to completely lose yourself as a listener. For those looking for escape, "from me, the moon" is an antidote for current global happenings. The video, a celebration of all things that make humanity special.

If Lav isn't on your radar yet, after listening to this song, she sure well should be. Either way, it's safe to say that at EARMILK we're expecting big things from her upcoming music. Definitely check out "from me, the moon" above.

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