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BRB are sick of love on new album "relationsh*t"

Relationships can suck, but luckily we have Singapore R&B trio brb to soothe our souls. The outfit have dropped their debut album relationsh*t, a collection of seven songs about the highs and lows of love.

The band, consisting of Clarence Liew, Auzaie Zie, and Marc Lian, give a sweet nod to the swooners and crooners of ‘90s R&B. The album's charm lies in a city pop bounce that feels optimistic in spite of the love lost throughout lyrics. Even slower tracks like "undone" clicks along with a bright groove.

With smooth as silk vocals, songs like “do me right” sings about a cheating partner. The group says the track is “a snapshot of the distinctive pain of the discovery process of a partner’s unfaithfulness, one that is its own kind and can never be derived from anything else.” 

Groovy, infectious, and so relatable, brb shows that drowning your heartbreak in rhythm and blues is a timeless past-time.

Connect with brb: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

R&B · Soul


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