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Scottish outfit Dancing On Tables demonstrate self-reliance on “Not to Need You”

Dancing On Tables is a five-piece pop-rock band from Dunfermline, Scotland. They’ve recently shared their new single “Not to Need You.”

“Not to Need You” is a poignant indie-pop jam. Dancing On Tables taps into their melancholic side as it straddles the line of an anthemic powerhouse and reflective crowd-pleaser. Smooth guitars, calming synths, and lighthearted vocals survey the scene, but the true magic belongs to its universal themes of fractured relationships and romantic despair. The track eases the mind before it uplifts the spirit as the Scottish quintet dig deep on the narrative of self-reliance and forward thinking.

“Writing the track felt more like therapy than a songwriting session," the band shared via email. "We talked about all the difficulties we faced in life as we told stories of failed friendships and heartaches, before agreeing that we wanted a song that would encapsulate the pain and hurt that people go through in life, but ultimately show that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The track focuses on someone ending a reliance on someone else, but we wanted the track to apply to all uphill battles, and for ‘the best part of starting over, is not to need you anymore’ to give people hope that things will always get better.”

Dancing On Tables is comprised of Robbie McSkimming, Callum Thomas, Hamish Finlayson, Gregor Stobie, and Reece Dobbin. “Not to Need You” was written in Nashville alongside songwriter Liz Rose. The track is lifted off their forthcoming EP due out this spring. It will serve as the follow-up to their 2019 EP Transpose.

Connect with Dancing On Tables: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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