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Christian Löffler unveils meloncholic new track "The End" with music video

Ambient electronic producer Christian Löffler has just released a dark new track entitled "The End" featuring Josephine Philip. The song comes with a simple yet striking music video and will be followed by a new LP Lys on March 20. The bold new project will showcase the vast versatility of Löffler as a creative as every track will be paired with a painting made by the musical mastermind. A powerful and daunting effort from the German musician, "The End" finds both fear and beauty in existential dread with the help of angelic vocals and cerebral ambient production.

"The End" excellently fuses eerie and atmospheric soundscapes from Christian Löffler with chilling vocal work from Josephine Philip. Both prominent artists know when to rise and fall in each other's midst, never overreaching or overshadowing the other. As the hums and pulses of Christian's beat builds, Josephine grows appropriately. She can also effectively hold her own when the instrumental takes a back seat. Such harmony is abundantly powerful when the collaborators are provoking such meditative and intimidating themes of mortality and solidarity. Though the themes can be dark and daunting, the execution is elegant and inspiring, finding beauty in the ambivalence of art. Perhaps the most illustrative of this tone is the line "I have no regrets at all. Nothing is meant to last. 'Cause in the end, in the end, it's all you." Much like the mysterious and immersive sonic build of the track, these words are both unnerving and comforting. Moreover, the careful balance of emotional and sonic poles on "The End" is admirable in and of itself, even if you ignore the strong musical performances from both musicians. Surely this visceral track is a testament to just how human electronic music can be.

You can preorder Lys, out March 20, here.

Connect with Christian Löffler: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram


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