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"Fall" into EMM's soaring vocal pop ballad

L.A pop artist EMM is not an easy woman to introduce. For all the right reasons. Aside from her incredible talent as a vocalist—the only artist to ever have me belting out a chorus upon first listen—she promotes a persona rarely seen in the pastel pop world, that of a woman who doesn't cater to the entertainment of others. But every so often, even the sharpest rocks let the water soften their edges. And in her latest single "Fall", this femme phenom does more than just let down her guard—she shares it with the rest of the world. 

One of the purest forms of pop that can transcend any generation, preference, and bias is the vocal ballad. It's what gave rise to Adele, Demi, even Christina in the early aughts. And it's the single most powerful force on "Fall". From the first key stroke, EMM's arresting voice quickly takes command, begging to be heard without any expectation of praise. Because this song wasn't written for the accolades. In truth, none of her songs are. They are all created for the sole purpose of therapeutic writing. A fact made abundantly clear if you pay attention to any of her social media posts or personal blog

Where her previous songs tackled themes of wrongdoing and empowerment in the face of adversity, "Fall" humbly exposes EMM's vulnerability more potently than ever before. Hushed confessions— "I am terrified of love"—floating weightlessly over brooding synths paint the picture of skeptic arms slowly reaching out for a longing embrace. It is at this moment that she reveals what true strength means to her: Acceptance. And it may have been a long road, but it led her straight into our playlists, and I for one, can heartily accept that.  

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