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Big Twins and DirtyDiggs go the whole yard with "No Hesitation"

Queensbridge’s own Big Twins takes a trip to sunny L.A. to visit his collaborators, production duo DirtyDiggs, in their appropriately grimy new video for “No Hesitation.” The track itself is pure fire from the jump with the cinematic production laid behind Twins' time-tested grimy lyrics and gruff demeanor. Twins is in his element here and regardless of where he is, he is still in Q-Boro mode.

Directed by the production duo themselves, the center of the visual is Big Twins, his rhymes, and his fly outfit, particularly his dope Muhammad “The World’s Greatest” Ali snapback. Thanks to this direction, you’re able to fully digest exactly what the rapper formerly known as Twin Gambino is spitting on here, which is that he’s not here for the bullsh*t. But if you do bring that noise around him, well, we’ll let him tell you: “You see Big Twins shinin’/ Target on my head so I keep the iron/ Real life, different situations/ Shoot my gun with no hesitation.”

“No Hesitation” taken from Big Twins & DirtyDiggs collab EP, Queensbridge which is set to drop on February 18. The project is a solid EP that’s entrenched in that grimy Queensbridge sounds akin to Mobb Deep, with a solid line-up of guest appearances from the likes of Hus Kingpin, Willie The Kid, Planet Asia, Tristate, Killer Ben, Godfather Pt. III and more. 

 The six-track EP is available now for pre-order via iTunesAmazon Music, and Google Play through Twins’ own Grimey Records. 


01. No Hesitation
02. Infamous Chain (feat. Godfather Pt. III, Tristate, Killer Ben & Planet Asia)
03. Do It Big, Do Em Dirty
04. Multi Million Art Collection (feat. Planet Asia & Willie The Kid)
05. Smell Like Blood (feat. Hus Kingpin & Planet Asia)
06. Cash In

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Connect with Dirty Diggs: Facebook |Twitter |Spotify| Instagram


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