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Allan Rayman releases new track "Chief"

Allan Rayman released his first single of the year "Chief". The genre-bending cut finds Rayman rationalizing over his encounter with a mysterious woman. The Wyoming native's voice is raspy and enticing over the brash, alternative beat.

"Chief" sounds like an infusion of rap laced with rock-inspired drums. Rayman is notorious for his ability to seamlessly blur the lines between music genres. The enigmatic singer pulls from hip-hop with riffs and 808s reminiscent of Naughty by Nature's, "Hip Hop Hooray". The beat is met with Rayman's alluring lyrics, "I'm Mr. quick fix you need it bad/ I'm Mr. right now you knew that". While the track is short-lived, barely exceeding two minutes, Rayman leaves just enough on the track to keep listeners satisfied.

Rayman has been skulking in the shadows for the past year. Known for keeping a low profile, the indie artist has kept quiet since his last album, Harry Hard-On. The 2018 release was pretty solid but not as great as his Roadhouse 01 album that would solidify his fan base. Although he released a handful of singles last year, Rayman is hopefully gearing up for a 2020 album release.


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