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Liimo share the powerfully pensive "Thinking About It"

With the internet slowly but surely breaking down musical territory across the world, artists are popping up that would have sounded out of place geographically only a decade or two ago. Warming up their Scottish winter with their summer-laced take on alternative pop, Edinburgh-based outfit Liimo start the year strong with the irrefutably catchy "Thinking About It",

Pulling elements of indie, dance and pop singer-songwriter together into a clear instant classic, the trio clearly knows their way around a hook, as this one is sure to be left rattling around your brain until you hear it again. Like many upbeat songs, it's brought into balance by the more tentative focus of the lyrics, with frontman Kieran stating in the press release that it all stemmed from, "those times when it feels as though the lights don’t shine as bright anymore and you’re tempted to pick up and leave, to find a little slice of paradise someplace new.”

"Thinking About It" is out now via B-Unique Records.

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