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Hugo Valentine looks to the past on "Memories"

In a world that becomes more saturated with music by the day, artists can get lost chasing trends and trying to stay relevant and burn out their sound very quickly. Think about all the poor producers that jumped on the Dubstep bandwagon, only for their efforts to age quite badly; no disrespect but the scene is a shadow of its former self.

What should be the main focus, especially when you're talking about the longevity of an artist, is music that looks to stand the test of time by ignoring gimmicks to push their career forward. A perfect example of this is London-based singer-songwriter, Hugo Valentine. Motivated by the colourful culture of his hometown, and ripe with inspiration from some of British pop music's greats (think Coldplay, Elton John and Arctic Monkeys) from the past few decades, out steps an artist poised and ready to capitalise on the antithesis of trend hopping.

"Memories" is a slow-burning cut that looks back over his childhood, and an ode to simpler, carefree times; something we can all relate to. A mere three singles into his career, Valentine's skills as a powerhouse singer-songwriter are more than clear.

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