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Bright Orange Spectacle practice honesty and acceptance in "I Struggle to Communicate" [Video]

As we grow older, one of the most fundamental things that we learn about ourselves is that just like Jon Snow, we know nothing. North London's newest four-piece alternative pop-rock band, Bright Orange Spectacle has only released two singles so far, and in that time they've already proven that even though they may not know much about the world, they sure as hell can sing about it like seasoned vets. Dropping the visuals to their second and latest single, "I Struggle to Communicate", they strip away all pretense, letting their refreshingly sincere lyrics speak for themselves.

"We live in a time where everyone has to be a social commentator," lead singer Charlie Sinclair explains. "It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it leads to a certain amount of pressure for bands to make very grand political statements from day one. [This song] is just a lot of honesty about my own lack of understanding towards our correct cultural climate. We live in a time where information is so readily available, yet I still feel like I know nothing. So ‘I Struggle To Communicate’ is just a reaction to my own ignorance and a personal call to arms for me to better facilitate myself with knowledge."

Honest and pure, "I Struggle to Communicate" is the every-day anthem that can get you up in the morning and drive you home after a long day. It speaks to every fleeting thought, every doubt, and every anxiety-riddled inner monologue. Its upbeat tempo, softened by the jubilant keys, inspires courage where there is fear. Its crisp drums, melting into the fuzzy guitar arrangement, lift where there is weight. And as Sinclair valiantly admits "It's complicated | I'm only 23", every concern over the things we don't know simply floats away, back into the sea of uncertainty locked away for another rainy day. Bright and incredibly intuitive, this track is more than just another title on a budding catalog. It's a reflection of the band's integrity and willingness to look itself in the mirror, and tell us exactly what they see. 

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