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shYbeast takes on a thrilling journey of dynamic sound like "no 1 else" [Video]

I See Stars front-man Devin Oliver, also known by his solo act shYbeast, has just gifted us with a thrilling new single “no 1 else," along with a scenic meditative music video. This is one of Oliver’s first tracks as a solo artist and it marks a promising future for the experienced electronic rock musician. “no 1 else” seamlessly delivers atmospheric and ambient dreamscapes followed by jarring electronic blares that quickly takes listeners from dream to nightmare. 

With pristine floaty vocals, “no 1 else” sees Oliver deliver angelic vocal over a spacey instrumental. When the beat comes in, however, these warm purring notes are cut off by an invasive electronic bass that turns the romance on its’ head. The track finds brilliance in moments where the high registers are mixed in with the unapologetic bass pounding, creating a beautifully balanced electronic groove. The fluctuating instrumental matches Oliver’s yearning lyrics of a complicated, yet very powerful love affair. As we experience the ups and downs of this love, there is infatuation, then struggle, and finally harmony.

This vibrant and energetic single from shYbeast is bipolar in all the right ways without losing its’ sense of centrality. The urgent and uncompromising lyrics and matching instrumentals make not only for a compelling cinematic story but also a strong entertaining listen. It adds new angles to Oliver’s already established musical portrait and leaves us eager to uncover more. Scope the fresh new track and accompanying music video now.

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