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Maryze takes back control of her physical and internal demons in witchy "B.O.Y." [Video]

In the wake of any trauma, there is a period of anger, reflection, and an eventual acceptance- all in the name of winded but vital healing process. For artists such as Montreal's Maryze, the process remains the same, but when it's all said and done, rather than hoard all the spiritual medicine received, she chooses to share it with the world in the form of the visuals for "B.O.Y." (Because Of You). Directed by Mexican-Canadian artist Malaika Astorga, and shot by Claire Loewen and Hailey Crossman, the video packs a witchy, feminine punch that is equal parts mesmerizing and menacing. 

Standing starkly in red against a backdrop of deep evergreens and a wishful blue sky, Maryze's ethereal aura radiates out to touch all that the eye can see. Her body movements synchronize with the soulful R&B production, every percussive break observed, and every lyric glorified. On the surface, it's a video that pays tribute to style. Look a little deeper, and it's a video that pays tribute to power. “'B.O.Y.' (Because Of You) is about reclaiming control from whatever toxic pattern is holding you back, whether it’s within yourself or with another person," she explains. "I wrote it at a scary time when I had become very self-destructive while combating depression and anxiety following sexual assault. The song was a way to empower myself and others struggling with similar issues."

"B.O.Y." can be found on Maryze's debut EP, Like Moons, available on all streaming platforms now. 

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