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Maryze reflects on self-love with 'Like Moons' EP

Montreal R&B artist Maryze releases her euphoric EP Like Moons. The bilingual EP ("Dis - Moi" is sung entirely in French) is an intimate reflection on self-love and mental health.

Detailing intimacy with sultry R&B tones, Maryze's vocals are as evocative as ever. EP opener "Soft" is a slow-burning ballad, crafted using a minimal soundscape allowing for her soulful vocals to portray honesty through the lyrics. Whilst "B.O.Y" is an electro-pop number, "Their Hearts" captures funky early 2000's R&B sounds - an era from which Maryze draws influence.

"Dis - Moi" is the main beam of light emitted from the EP. It's 80's sounding electro grooves contrasted with the lightweight French lyrics create an effortlessly brilliant track. With a familiar R&B beat, the track is easily the best of the EP.

Maryze explains, "To me, Like Moons is an intimate look at the relationship we have with ourselves and the way that affects the close relationships we have with others. Each song explores an emotion that I’ve struggled to put into words, or that I’ve been afraid to confront. Some really intense feelings went into it – shame, anxiety, self-sabotaging – but more than anything it’s about finding love for yourself, and letting yourself feel worthy of the love you receive from others."

Like Moons is a beautifully ethereal EP from the singer-songwriter. Whether discussing battles with anxiety and shame to the sexually empowered anthem "Special," Maryze is an R&B artist to keep an eye on. Her ability to create elegant R&B with intricate pop elements is refreshing. This EP is a calming yet euphoric piece of work to be shared among friends.

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