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Bearson wants us "All In" for the new song

Bearson, real name: Jakob Bjørn-Hansen enlists singer/songwriters Georgia Ku and JRM for a pop-oriented, chilly cut "All In." 

"All In" is an auditory journey laden with lush guitar melodies and smooth vocals. With its vibrant production and breathtaking composition, the track and lures us into a vivid daydream, beckoning listeners in with raw lyricism and echo-y soundscape. Started during a late-night in the Nicaragua jungle when Bearson was at the Neon Gold songwriting camp. Bearson shares: "there’s something magical about the stuff you make in a jungle, you’re drawn away from all distractions and you get closer to the music in a way."  

Bearson's start in music is anything but normal. Especially, diving into producing as a teenager after learning that one could create full songs via computer. Since then, he’s launched multiple singles through Ultra Music catapulting him to stardom. The Next Wave Records label boss has collaborated with Kailee Morgue, Josh Pan, Lemaitre, and more.

Stream/buy the record here.

Connect with Bearson: Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram



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