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The Japanese House hasn't missed a beat in new dreamy single "Chewing Cotton Wool"

It has been less than a year since The Japanese House (Amber Bain) released her critically acclaimed debut album, Good At FallingIntimate and honest, it invited avid and curious new listeners alike into her dream space, where all her small and large thoughts resided. Of course, a stream of thoughts is one that rarely ends. And so she prepares for the release of a new EP by sharing some of her latest thoughts yet again, in the calmly poetic new single "Chewing Cotton Wool." 

"She's the only one I see | And she's flying through the air", Bain delicately lulls along to an ambient, looping instrumental line. The production is simple, and so are the vocals. Yet, even without much to say, she manages to fill an entire room with words. As the second track to be lifted off her forthcoming new EP, "Chewing Cotton Wool" hones in on one of the most endearing qualities about the British singer- her storytelling. Simple and honest, it sets the pensive tone with its downtempo production, and lets Bain's lyrical nobility reign over the rest. A dreamy pop song at its best. 

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Dreampop · Indie Pop


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