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Misty Mtn profoundly explore the passing of time in "Woah, I'm Older"

The Western-rooted, newly-relocated L.A dark pop duo Mity Mtn has graced our pages a few times now. Shortly after releasing their debut EP earlier this year, they were propelled into an emotional journey that saw the two seeking not only answers, but a peace of mind. Kicking off their reflective trilogy— a sonic narrative aimed at detailing the band's stylistic and emotional evolution — with "Running Out of Patience" last month, they return again with the second installment in the form of "Woah, I'm Older". 

Slowly picking up the pieces of their dark pop production style, "Woah, I'm Older" reintroduces old friends like the booming bass and synth melody. There's a stoic energy in the air, though, as the track meticulously builds up around Morissa's sophisticated hooks. Gently and with deft hands, it massages the burdened lyrics ("I cry myself to sleep") without letting them sit too heavily on your mind. It's a song that heralds in self-reflection in the form of wistful thoughts and buried emotions. A song that when you're through listening to it, feels like a weight lifted, rather than another gained. And a true mark of the duo's never-ending grace in the face of change. 

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Dark Pop · Indie Pop


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