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Misty Mtn may be "Running Out of Patience" but not out of alt-pop gems

When we last heard from the dark pop duo Misty Mtn, they were on the verge of a new beginning in a new city. Their debut EP was painted with themes of hesitation, exploration, seduction, and acceptance. Five months and a move from Brooklyn to L.A later, they're ready to sing to a different tune, that of self-reflection. Their new single "Running Out of Patience" is the first installment of a three-part trilogy that tries to address the most fickle growing pain- change. 

Infused with infectious hooks and that commanding vocal presence, "Running Out of Patience" opens up a door to a new, more sanguine sound for the duo. "This song was actually our longest writing process ever. We got the idea for 'I guess I don't know you oooh oooh oooh' about a year ago and it was always stuck in our heads, but building it into a song that told a story, that was a whole other beast," shares the duo. Trading in their signature dark synths for acoustic guitar chords, they soften up their outlook, and somehow, that cuts through deeper than any menacing bass line ever could. "It feels really special sharing this song because there were times that we thought we were going to give up on it."

Whether it's a change of place, season, or heart, there will always be accompanying songs to quell all doubts and soothe old fears. But if you're in the market for a band that can do it all- Misty Mtn are only a click away. 

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