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'Your Friend,' Lou Roy releases masterful debut EP

From the metaphorical L.A cocoon, arises a strong, curious, and assured artist by the name of Lou Roy. Though you may know her by another name- Huxlee - she has shed her previous moniker and embarked on a self-discovery journey that tests the boundaries of her self awareness. Or in other words, she releases her confessional debut EP, Your Friend,

A eloquent collection of meaningful tracks, Your Friend, tackles the concept of friendship, relationships, and at the heart of it all- acceptance. "I chose to call the EP 'Your Friend,' stylized as an email or letter sign off, as a way to state my intentions," Roy explains. "It specifically references a line in 'Bite': I only ever want to be your friend / but it’s not enough to say / I’ve gotta treat you that way. I always mean to be a good friend to the people I write songs about, but admittedly I sometimes fall short. Each song in one way or another acknowledges how we all try to be our best selves but don’t always come through."  

Choosing to tell her stories within a swirling vortex of melodious percussions and sweetened vocals, Roy softly unloads her burdened thoughts. Repairing them with tenderly plucked guitar strums ("Ari Knew Before Me") and ethereal productions ("Joy Ride"). It's a softly-spoken yet loud debut, ringing through with resolute emotion and humble talent. And one that is bound to grow stronger with each future release. 

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