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Lady Moon & The Eclipse continue their ascent with "Le Petit Prince" [Video]

Artists of many different disciplines look to the cosmos for inspiration. For Lady Moon & The Eclipse, exploring images and themes beyond our planet has been an effective vehicle to navigate social ills and the betterment of the soul. The six-piece group based out of New York is continuing preparation for the release of their debut album Journey To The Cosmic Soul with a new video for the track "Le Petit Prince." The song was written shortly after Prince's passing and when combined with the album's overarching theme of 'the Cosmic Soul' as a portal to infinity, it makes for a poignant ode to the late legend.

The song's churning beat and a lush string arrangement provide a delectable blend of gentle smoothness and pumping momentum as the ethereal vocals from Lady Moon and fellow singers Ntangou and Nkoula Badila soar through the mix. There's even a spoken word verse from keyboardist Arlen Ginsburg, which adds a fresh sonic element to the group's palette. The dreamy music of "Let Petit Prince" pairs beautifully with colorful visuals that showcase the band's stellar look and overall style. With expert musicianship, tasteful production, and an eye-catching video for "Le Petit Prince," Lady Moon & The Eclipse show again that they are trending toward unimagined celestial heights.

"Le Petit Prince" is available to download here.

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