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BLÜ’s “Heart Stood Still” is a never-ending reverie [Video]

An enigmatic being who lives, drinks and breathes creativity, BLÜ (formerly known as Luna Loxx) is the archetypal Scorpio. A sympathetic savage, her sting is anything but lethal–in fact, it is life-giving. 

Just in time for Scorpio season, BLÜ is back with the majestic visuals for “Heart Stood Still”. An aura of futuristic revelations and memories of the past, “Heart Stood Still” is BLÜ’s message for all the dreamers of the world.

Laced with a powerful dose of optimism, the video for "Heart Stood Still", co-directed by BLÜ and fellow NOLA creative Autumn Lovelace and edited by laidbaack, depicts a fantasy of colourful imaginations. BLÜ sits on a makeshift throne surrounded by luscious greens–the ultimate royalty treatment for a master dreamer.  The song's luscious melodies give listeners a home for their nighttime wanderings. Produced by Michael Armstead, "Heart Stood Still" wraps listeners in polyrhythmic molasses before melting into DJ Legatron Prime’s chopped & screwed version. 

The video for "Heart Stood Still" accompanies the launch of BLÜsdays, a series of musical and visual releases from BLÜ on Tuesdays.

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