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Dance, laugh, and love to Ralph's newest EP 'Flashbacks & Fantasies'

Ralph's newest EP, Flashbacks & Fantasies, is a modern day story of a modern day girl trying to get by in this fast paced world, a release bursting with flamboyant energy and down-to-earth situational lyrics.

Swimming in details of disco and R&B, this six-track offering is a further look into the musical inspirations that have stood alongside the Toronto native since her 2015 debut. "I really wanted to have fun with this EP and wanted to play with the idea of “pop” being a flexible term," she shares. "Instead of being scared to try new things, like having a jarring rhythm or singing about sexy moments, I embraced them. And because of that, I have 6 songs that all feel diverse but feel really, truly ME. "

Noted by sharp, clean electronic productions, Ralph brings out the diverse colours of pop in vibrant tracks "Headphone Season" and "No Muss No Fuss". She also dabbles in slower-paced ballads propelled by longing percussive arrangements and a thundering chorus. Underneath every big production, though, lies an even louder component- the story. Every track finds its footing amidst a different facet of the often-repeated theme- love. Where it prevails on "Gravity", it quickly wanes and wilts into a wish on "Last Time" before finding itself hopeful again on "Sunday Girl". But nowhere is it more alive than on "Looking For You", a track that commemorates the aching longing for an everlasting love through dramatic hooks and swooping vocals. 

At its core, Flashbacks & Fantasies is a series of snapshots of the rising star's discoveries. Whether it be a love for dance, for older moments, or for love itself, Ralph's ethereal vocals never falter in capturing them all. 

Catch her on her forthcoming 2020 North American tour alongside joan

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