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Magdalena Bay serve up a smash synth pop "Killshot"

L.A's electrifying duo Magdalena Bay is here to remind us of what the early days of pop felt like. More specifically, they are here to remind us of just how gratifying yearning and pining along to an infectious pop hook (a là Britney's "One More Time") feels like. All in their latest single, "Killshot". 

"[It's] a song about unfulfilled yearning, about getting so caught up in romantic suspense that you feel your heart may burst,” the duo consisting of singer Mica Tenenbaum and producer Matthew Lewin share. To achieve this cache of pent up emotions, Tenenbaum's vocals glide atop a rich production of a craving bassline and dynamic synths. As the chorus finally bursts into life, all the melodic layers that were dormant before form into an effortless harmony. Soothing and energizing all at once. 

Reminiscent of pop of old, with a refreshing touch of the present, this youthful duo is ultimately just here to remind us how to have fun. Whether it be an all-consuming romance, a sentiment left un-reciprocated, or even just a dancefloor calling our name- there will always be a killer pop anthem to spur us along. So why not let it be Magdalena Bay's? 

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