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Cassie Marin presents "Take Care of Me, Pt. 2"

"Take Care of Me, Pt. 2" is a heartfelt single by budding talented singer-songwriter Cassie Marin who caught our ears with her unique style. The song focuses on her vulnerability and love in its purest form as Marin delivers her vocals in an off-kilter manner coupled with screwed melodic effects. From the lethargic downtempo atmospheric textures that build into a crescendo on the chorus to the multi-layered vocals that draw your attention like mythical sirens, the track is powerfully complex.

"Take Care of Me, Pt. 2" is the final track off Marin's 'Love Me Well' EP - a 6-track body of work that explores love and deeply personal experiences. Cassie also combines a myriad of musical styles from Moody R&B, pop, to electronic elements eliciting a distinct emotion while maintaining airy, ambient and unassuming currents of bottomlessly dense sound.

LOVE ME WELL - EP Tracklist:

Can You Hear Me


Take Care of Me, Pt. 1

Love Me Well


Take Care of Me, Pt. 2

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