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LUXLEY paints a colorful picture with "Can't Fool Me"

Coming from a rich music city like New Orleans, a place rooted in Jazz and Blues, Luxley's journey with electronic music is a little left of center but beautifully vibrant. Marked by his chromesthesia - the condition where one associate sound with colors - his condition has left a deep impact on his approach to music production. His latest single "Can't Fool Me" is an extension of that sonically colorful view of the world and marks a maturation period for his work. 

"Can't Fool Me" follows on the release of his debut album, Chromatics, and sees Luxley mixing industrial sounds with melodic elements and distorted altered vocals that glide and glitch in and out of the beat. "Can't Fool Me" fuses feel-good house vocals with splatters of acid house and soul influences. The track's artwork also played a role in colorfully designing the full package for listeners, as Luxley's face is superimposed onto a faceless mannequin. Sonically "Can't Fool Me" is an audio interpretation of the cover art. Augmented and sporadic yet concise, abstract yet based in reality and colorful. It's truly a kaleidoscope of sound. Give it a listen above! 

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