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Midoca leads with an emotional single ahead of mau5trap EP

Tucked away in Los Angeles, producer and singer-songwriter Midoca embraces the emotional side of electronic music. Ahead of his forthcoming Dry The Rose EP, the charming mau5trap signee delivers his sophomore single to the project titled “I Can’t Keep Up With You.”

An ode to breaking chains and reclaiming individualistic power, this compelling cut begins and ends with self-admiration. A poetically sound introduction invites listeners to soar through soundscapes of velveteen vocals and blossoming synths. A warming production washes over his innately profound vocal style, creating a track that exists more as a hymn in style and formAs the track evolves an overflow of electronic notes collide, creating an unfettered musical atmosphere that aptly matches Midoca’s grand intention. Devoted to its emotional depth, “I Can’t Keep Up With You” is vulnerable yet freeing. The trials and tribulations which constitute the fabric of this ballad seem all worth it for listeners as Midoca stitches up his wounds with rose thorns and closes in on a future defined by self-respect.
Listen to the latest edition in alternative-electronic with “I Can’t Keep Up With You,” and stay connected with eyes peeled for the November 19th unveiling of his Dry The Rose EP. 
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