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Icarus strikes a chord on "Dreams Of You" with Rae Morris

Icarus has returned with their latest release, a stunning progressive single entitled "Dreams Of You." After releasing their This Must Be The Place EP earlier in 2019, this single is the latest in the duo's exploration of the bounds of melodic electronic dance music. 

"Dreams Of You" features classic traits of a great progressive song: layered arpeggios, melodies that play off each other, but the track has a modern twist. It also sees Icarus work with vocalist Rae Morris, a fellow UK artist with whom they've worked before, remixing her track "Do It" back in 2017. This single is another instance of the brotherly duo taking collaboration seriously both in who they work with and how they put their music together. Perhaps this is thanks to the live show they developed and took on the road with Rufus Du Sol - allowing the elements of "Dreams Of You" to ring perfectly together in the studio and ready to be played live on stage.

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