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Get away with Rivage's debut 'Long-courrier' on Roche Musique

Perhaps it can be summer forever. French pop duo Rivage and their debut EP Long-courrier have the warm, breezy vibes to keep you in eternal vacation mode. Their name Rivage even translates to mean beach or shore. For this project, Kartell and Alex Gonzalez wanted to create music that drew upon their love for pop, Japanese city pop, and yacht rock. The result is a luxurious and romantic 5-track release which is out now on Roche Musique.

“Face à face” opens the EP with seaside sounds and laid-back melodies. Romantic, hazy guitars and synths come together with Luke Anger’s tender vocals to create the ultimate modern Parisian city pop. The warm, feel-good sounds that Rivage packs on Long-courrier are most inviting. It’s a breezy, strolling energy that gets carried throughout the rest of the EP.

Most recently, the duo shared their track “Juillet” which features the feminine vocals of Julia Jean Baptiste. The beachy sound gets a little hazy here—it’s Juillet, or July, at the beach. There's a little smooth jazz/R&B that slinks into the mix. Flirty layers of vocals and guitars come together with a sultry bass line to romance your ears this round. In addition to their amiable nature, there's a subtlety to Rivage's sound that shines with this track. All together, it makes them easy to love.

“La Plage” was the first single Rivage shared. Its sound is drenched in all the dreamy cruising pop one could ask for. Featuring enticing vocals from Fernö, the relaxing hazy sunset vibe is complete. “La Plage” will carry you off like you’re being lured out into the ocean. Its laid-back pace makes it easy to hop on-board and leave all your worries behind. 

Rivage's romantic, chic vibes run strong throughout the entirety of Long-courrier. We're still at the beach on the next track, but the EP brings the mood down a bit with the heartbroken "Physical." An obvious song about a broken heart, "Physical" has these moments of twists and turns that get you feeling its emotional struggle within the more easy-going guitars. 

Long-courrier comes to a close with "If You." Like a stroll in the park, "If You" seems to also take us away from the beach a bit. There's a bittersweet sensation that maybe suggests our endless vacation might have to end. The chilled, nostalgic vibe is a welcome sound with tender guitar melodies, soft synths, and pattering percussion. It's the perfect close to our journey with Rivage. Check out the full EP out now via Roche Musique.


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