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Sienna Hamilton looks at the "Grey" areas

Singer/songwriter Sienna Hamilton's "Grey" is a resounding piece that showcases enthralling vocals layered with a soul-rending sound courtesy of her four-piece band. From the first lick of the lush guitars and Hamilton's soothing falsetto opening, "Grey" immediately draws the listener with its progressive arrangement. The piece grows as she details how life can get in the way while trying to stay balanced in a relationship and the result leaves you in the proverbial grey area. The solemn lyrics reflects upon how Sienna assures herself through this process and how she selflessly wishes the one she loved the best of luck with life.

"Grey" is the fifth single from the East London R&B and soul artist who is currently back in the studio working on her debut. The yet to be named project will be released later this year as she also plans on hitting the road for some exciting live performances.

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