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Duckwrth channels his inner hot boy in his new music video for "Crush"

Hot Boy Summer takes an interesting turn in DuckWrth's music video to his latest single "Crush". Directed by Grizz Lee and Mancy Gant, the dance-infused visual features the artist falling in love, or should we say lust, with three different women in two minutes. The process of Duckwrth having intimate moments with each of them while showing off his seductive dance moves is what makes this video so enticing. The video also features other unique elements that add to the lightheartedness of the song,  such as a carefree Duckwrth riding around the city on a bike, a live photo frame of him rapping, and him buying a burrito.

As far as the lyrics go, the groovy love track includes Duckwrth revealing the strong emotions he feels when he is attracted to someone.

[Verse 1]

I never planned to crush

But I'm saying all them things to make you blush

This is such a rush

Blood to the head like I'm upside down

Let you cool down, you ain't a tough guy (Say that)

Unless you looking for a rough ride

Poppin' wheelies in the sunshine, play that

Put you on my BMX, feel like a Maybach

Ooh, throw it back just like an 8 track

Hailing from South Los Angeles, Duckwrth has consistently embraced his creative side. From attending art school in San Francisco to releasing his debut album back in 2017, the American rapper and songwriter continues to express himself as a creator. Nevertheless, 2019 has been a growing year for the artist considering he continues to drop music true to his sound and is performing all around the world.

Fans can look forward to Duckwrth performing in Texas, Georgia, and California in the upcoming months. 

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