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Driscoe serves a large plate of uplifting vibes on "Gotta Believe"

Experimental act Driscoe looks at the bright side of life on his new anthemic single "Gotta Believe".  The track is brimming with lush electric guitars and heavy rock drums that signal the coming of a better tomorrow as Driscoe goes forth to pull the listener out of their blues. He reasons that obstacles can be surmounted with the right amount of positivity and determination as he delivers his message through a heavily tuned processor. He sure sounds like a natural go-getter as he notes that nothing is out of one's reach as long as you have the talent and work ethic to work the plan to the end.

"Gotta Believe" is taken from his upcoming EP entitled 'Sometimes I think a lot' which tackles anxiety, bipolar disorder, being adopted, and Driscoe's loss of an uncle to alcoholism. The project is due later this year.

Driscoe is a Baltimore based act who credits hip hop music with saving his life and even named his record label (Racing Thought Records) after symptoms of his diagnosis. After a stint in a mental hospital at the early age of 15, he reflects on his hospitalization through some of his music. Music was not only a part of his recovery but was also a part of his sickness. He adds that  "Battling psychosis, I thought that lyrics in some of my favorite artist's songs were speaking about me." 


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